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Passion is not enough, you need to know how to do it!


Twenty-five years of work, flying as in the sky as in water, experience, research with passion and attention to details, this is what at Advance Kites is called expertise, and this is what you’ll get when buying a 2016 Advance kite.



The philosophy of Advance Kites has always been to continue the improvement of the same shape year after year by comparing the performance of the kite and adapting it to the most current ride style in use.


At the same time, every year we recall from the market worn kites for analysis of their stress points so that we can strengthen them.


We always challenge ourselves by trying to find alternative solutions to reinforcements that normally would increase the weight: by changing the panels assembly and sewing method we are able to reduce the tension in specific areas, and by moving a sewing point less than a centimeter we are able to distribute the loads.


This is what makes our kites the lightest in the world.


Yes, we did choose a nice job, and we are the best at doing it!


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