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Chupa Chups, forever an icon of fun, positivity and self-irony, a devotee of the brilliant "Life Less Serious" philosophy that invites everyone to take things easier and smile more often.


Advance Kites, a company made up of engineers, kiters and designers, focusing on research, testing of new materials and aerodynamic profiles, resulting in a series of new performance barriers breached every year when it comes to Kitesurfing.


These realities are now one: the result is a new philosophy for kite surfers who want to be more relaxed and enjoy life!


These special editions of the Advance Kites Kappa Board have the mission to bring a new flavor to all the best kite spots in the world.


This board is the fruit of years of experience gained with Advance Kites boards, the performances of which have become legendary, making this board the object of desire of every kiter.


Everything, from the choice of materials to the shape of the board, has been optimized, and the board, while maintaining its unmistakable look and excellent performance during navigation, has further improved the Pop and its dynamic response to jumps and in the landings.


The pads, a real avant-garde, ensure maximum sensitivity and comfort even in the roughest waves and in landings after breathtaking jumps.


All the three width sizes available allow the rider to choose a tailored board for both its weight and the weather conditions of its frequent spot.


All Kappa Chupa boards are made entirely of laminated wood, with one-piece, unique slats on both sides and ABS sidewalls; all of this guarantees flexibility all across the board.


The square tip maintains a constant width for higher performance in thrusts and in jumps landing phases.

Thanks to special channels, the square tip performs in response to the loads before the jump, and the result is a huge and explosive Pop.



Versions Available:


- Multicolor


- Black


Sizes Available:


- 137 x 42.5 cm

- 134 x 42 cm


Kappa Chupa Multicolor Top
Kappa Chupa Black Top
Kappa Chupa Multicolor Bottom
Kappa Chupa Black Bottom

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