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Cube - The "Tomoboard", all-round hydrodynamic jewel



Cube is the board to find fun and speed where there are not.


Its ultra-parallel outline and its hydrodynamic evolved hull allows the rider to use a smaller length and width than the usual, with the additional benefits of an incredible stability, reduced dragging, increased acceleration and speed in any situation.


The "Twin Diamond" tail, together with the concavities in the hull and the adoption of a quad-fin system, gives excellent support with a very low drag, along with an incredible grip when carving and pop when jumping.


All these features are preserved even and especially under light or onshore wind conditions, making the Cube a surprisingly easy-to-use novelty for a very wide range of situations of wind and wave.


The board features a revolutionary carbon-iron deck, a material derived from aerospace research that gives the board an exceptional dynamic response without compromising the necessary flex capability.


On request, for expert riders, CNC automatized blanks shape allows to customize length, width and volume of the board.



Colors Available:


- Black Top, White Bottom



Sizes Available:


- 5'10'' (177.8 Cm)

- 6'3'' (190.5 Cm)


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