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Creating expectations is always dangerous, but we at Advance Kites want to say… “Please expect something extraordinary out of this kite”.


The Kaiman "S" will satisfy your highest expectations, and you will still be surprised!


Everything has been tuned and optimized for over 15 years.


Good aerodynamics, canopy tension, low-wind power and a massive wind range made the Kaiman a known kite, capable of delivering high jumps followed by unparalleled hang times and planning.


The 2016 Advance Kites Kaiman “S” comes with a revolutionary bridle tuned and developed by our engineer and rider C. Tarozzi after years of tests and calculations.


A special pulley very much facilitates kite twisting, making the kite able to turn on itself without losing fly speed.


Direction changes no longer take place through an increase in aerodynamic resistance, but through an asymmetrical twist of the profile.


A new, lighter construction made easier the torsion of the kite structure, improving the quality of the flight turn.


Better than any other kite, 2016 Advance Kite Kaiman “S” flies even in the lightest wind and delivers an excellent performance in all its large wind range, making the most stable kite in the market and a perfect choice for beginners and enthusiast riders alike.


Tuned-up, the 2016 Advance Kaiman “S” delivers a performance level that will be much appreciated in wave riding and in particular for riders surfing strap-less, where it's necessary to have a kite able


to react quickly when turning in the edge of the wind window.

In situations like:

- lack of grip on the board

- no tension on the lines while having to turn the kite over the edge of the window

- no power zones

most kites would stall and fall, but not with an Advance Kites Kaiman "S".


Its structural lightness allows to deliver a perfectly responsive steering even when de-powered and to rotate inwards with a speed (not pull!) when flying in the outer edge of the wind window, as it would happen in a more centered position.


Goals so difficult to achieve are only possible thanks to a continuous development of the bridle system, and the subsequent repositioning of the attachment points along the leading edge, to get the maximum performance from the kite's aerodynamic profile


The Kaiman is a free-ride kite that gives a nod to wave riding too.


The bar pressure is just perfect: soft enough and doesn't strain the forearms, allowing an easy and comfortable one-hand ride, but it always gives a solid feeling with no need to look for or at the kite.


If like Us, you are a free rider with the soul of a wave rider, you'll love 2016 Advance Kites Kaiman "S", a fun race machine with unmatched up-wind performance.


Kaiman S Black
Kaiman S Blue
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Colours Available:


- Black


- Blue


- Yellow


- Green



Sizes Available:


5, 7, 8.5, 10, 12, 15 Meters


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