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Naked - Waveriding and Strapless Freestyle Machine




Naked is the board that dictates the rules of fun in the waves and in strapless freestyle.



This board has been developed with the collaboration of Luis Brito, one of the most skilled and creative strapless riders of the moment.



After dozens of prototypes, the final version of the Naked features an optimized outline and volume distribution to make possible the most crazy tricks and landings thanks to its balance in water and in the air.



The hull has specially designed concavities engineered for maximum grip and speed in the wave and for the most pop in flat-water freestyle, even in light and/or onshore wind conditions.



The board is equipped, for the entire lenght of the deck, with a groove that makes exceptionally easy every freestyle grab.



The board features a revolutionary carbon-iron deck, a material derived from aerospace research that gives the board an exceptional dynamic response without compromising the necessary flex capability.



On request, for expert riders, CNC automatized blanks shape allows to customize length, width and volume of the board.




Colors Available:


- Black Top, White Bottom



Sizes Available:


- 5'7'' (170.18 Cm)

- 5'11'' (180.34 Cm)


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