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Without any false modesty: our bar was already perfect, but this didn't meant that we could just stop improving it!


Our Bar is designed to be reliable and simple to use. Over the years, we added new modifications based on our research and on the feedback from our athletes, schools and final customers. The result is a bar always comfortable to use and totally safe in every circumstance. The bar comes ready to be connected to the kite, and can be used right away.


The bar pressure is just perfect: soft enough and doesn't strain the forearms, allowing for an easy and comfortable one-hand ride, but it always gives a solid feeling with no need to look for or at the kite.


The bar is supplied with 24 meters lines, but it's possible to reduce it to 21 by taking off the 3 meters extension lines.

Speaking of lines, our bar can be used either with 4 or 5 lines, your choice.


Easy Tune with Back Line Quick Adjusters: even while kiting, it's easy to adjust the back lines. This works exactly like a power trimmer: pulling the strap shortens the back lines, and pushing the buckle does the opposite job.


Easy Tune Instruction 1
Easy Tune Instruction 2
Easy Tune Instruction 3
Easy Tune Instruction 4


Handle Pass Soft leash: Every bar comes with a soft grip HP leash, fitted with two snap links and a quick release to be attached to the harness.


New Chicken Loop: we all agree that kiting is fun, but we would be mad to only focus on this aspect: the new Chicken Loop is designed to ensure the maximum safety in every situation, and it won't break. Period.

Thanks to an innovative plastic compound developed exclusively for us, the new Chicken Loop is softer and more elastic.

Multiple tests showed that our Chicken Loop can work properly till a load of 250Kg and over, but we went way beyond that.

We kept increasing the load to know the breaking point, but we had to stop at 600kg. Six. Hundred. Kilos.

But we said "it won't break".

Even at 600kg the Chicken Loop was still in one piece, a bit deformed, but in one piece.


DePower: our depower system has been redesigned to increase the usable wind range; with this, you'll be able to use your kite for all it's wind range and beyond.



Colours Available:


- Red + Yellow


Sizes Available:


53 Cm


New Bar 2016 First Half
New Bar 2016 Second Half

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