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Advance Kites Omega is the great-grandson of the very first wood boards we made.


This board features an interesting and particular size: 125 x 46 cm, short and very wide compared to the other boards.


Advance Kites Omega feels like a skimboard, but it's bidirectional; we like to call it a very funny game.


Its large surface area and width allows to glide fast, even with a little wind.


Advance Kites Omega permits super-fast turns thanks to its short length.


You'll be able to land virtually any jump without difficulty.


Advance Kites Omega it's an excellent board to learn new tricks and to have fun with them at low speeds.


Advance Kites Omega it's not a board made for high speeds and race.



Colors Available:


- White



Sizes Available:


- 125 x 46 cm


Omega Top
Omega Bottom

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