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Timeless - High Performance Classic Surfboard



Timeless is the compromise-free evolution of the classic and overly tested surf outline with round pintail.


The volumes distribution and the point of maximum width were optimized, as well as the concavity of the hull and the scoopline: this gives the board maximum radicality, speed and adaptability in every wind and wave condition.


This is a board with a harsh shape for maximum pleasure and efficiency in the wave: its stability and balance makes the board very easy to use even riding strapless.


The board features a revolutionary carbon-iron deck, a material derived from aerospace research that gives the board an exceptional dynamic response without compromising the necessary flex capabilities.


On request, for expert riders, CNC automatized blanks shape allows to customize lenght, width and volume of the board.



Colors Available:


- Black Top, White Bottom



Sizes Available:


- 5'10'' (177.8 Cm)

- 6'3'' (190.5 Cm)


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